JWB Consulting supports candidates for public office in
Lewis, Mason, and Thurston Counties, Washington.

At JWB Consulting we specialize in the art (which includes a lot of science) of running winning local election media campaigns.  Using our technical and tactical skills we are proven to be extremely effective in our campaign media management, and our ultimate goal is always, always, focused on winning the election. 

We produce low cost effective campaign websites with full social media integration to include Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn applications. Full webmaster services are available around the clock for timely postings and up to date listings of events and activities. 

We have several campaign packages available depending on your needs  I know we can customize one just for you. 

Critical Processes Management

Strategic Communications
We will craft a message strategy that will chart your campaigns best course of action. We know how to take raw polling data and turn it into actionable strategy. We turn cold numbers into moving and emotional campaign ads via Facebook, Twitter and campaign websites that move votes. 

Message Development
We are experts at helping our clients develop compelling messages that points to your strengths, draws sharp contrast to your opponents and persuade and motivate your targeted audience. We start with establishing targeting goals and then use polling data to develop a communication strategy to deliver your message. We will do this in the most creative and efficient way possible. 

New Media
Having a dynamic presence on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube is an important part of any communication strategy. JWB Consulting will make sure that you will take advantage of every modern media tool available to get your message out. 

Contact us today to hear how much we can support your campaign efforts and help develop a winning strategy!