Legal Technologist

Solo Practice and Small Law Office Technology Support Services

Legal Technologist at JWB Consulting is your law office's efficiency expert. JWB is unlike any other consulting firm you will meet. Our consultants understand the needs of attorneys and has created a firm that can improve virtually every aspect of how your office handles cases. Whether you need to reduce the clutter of paper, implement case management software, take and review depositions more efficiently, or would like to create a thorough, but simple to use who-what-where of your cases, JWB has a solution for you.

JWB Consulting recognizes that the implementing technology for technology's sake, without regard for a law firm's activities, is destined to fail. Some law firms also believe that technology is too expensive, too complicated, or will not improve their office's efficiency or bottom line

Technology Audits

It's easy to know that you need to advance your firm's technology - it's not always easy to know how or what to use.

JWB Consulting Technology Audits include an on-site, full evaluation of your hardware, software and workflow. As a key part of the information gathering, we conduct personal interviews of the attorneys and support staff in your firm to help us understand how your office works, how current technology is being utilized, who is responsible for what and how the most common matter types are handled from start to finish.

The objectives of a technology audit are to help you understand

What you have

The state of your current technology

What you need

What problems exist

Prioritizing Issues

How to solve them

We strive to write the report in plain English (avoiding techno-babble) with good explanations of what we recommend and why. The report will also help you develop a structured, proactive technology plan for your firm.

Software Implementation & Data Conversion

Once you've decided upon a legal software package for your practice or department, the next step is to ensure that you can utilize all the benefits of your new technology. JWB Consulting is uniquely qualified to help you make the most of your investment by working with you throughout the implementation and data conversion process.

As part of your implementation effort, we can assist you from installation to customization and training. We can also evaluate your existing client and matter data for conversion. Cleaning up your existing data, and making it available in your new system not only accelerates your team's ability to work with your new software, but it also improves your productivity by having the correct data available from the moment you start using your systems.

Our goal is to take you from deciding to purchase a software package to utilizing that software to grow your productivity as quickly as possible