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Practice Management

Practice Management Software is also frequently referred to as Case Management Software. The concept of practice management software is to centralize all of the information that is relevant to your law firm or legal department including files, contacts, calendar, tasks, phone calls, emails, documents, time entries, and research into one easy to manage database. Practice management, when properly installed, customized and implemented brings you unparalleled control over the cases/files that you handle, your staff, your schedule, your documents, and your communications.

Need more information, open a featured article titled, Top 5 Reasons To Use Practice Management Software, by John Heckman and discover how and why practice management software is for you and your law firm.

Amicus Attorney 2010 offers one of the most user friendly case management systems for law firms and legal departments. Amicus users: manage client matter files, facts, issues, calendars, time entries, contacts, documents, phone calls, emails, messages, legal research, dockets, conflict checks, business development and date calculations in one integrated system. With Amicus Attorney, you will stay on top of your practice. You should never miss a deadline and you will provide better service to clients with information at your fingertips. Amicus Attorney allows you to do more, bill more and go home early. Amicus Attorney links with more time and billing systems and can synchronize your calendar, task list and contacts with more handheld devices including Palm Pilots, Blackberries and premium edition users a can even use Amicus Attorney 2009 (Amicus Mobile) on the Windows Mobile smart-phone. Don't forget to ask us about customizing reports for your law firm/legal department.

Time Matters® software has continually provided new ways to help law firms, legal departments and other organizations streamline operations and increase profitability for more than 20 years. See how your law firm can benefit from the innovative and comprehensive, yet easy-to-use practice information management tools in Time Matters.

PracticeMaster Basic legal case and practice management software helps you find client, case and contact information allowing intergration with Tabs3, Outlook, Quickbooks, Blackberry, Palm Handheld and PaperPort®. PracticeMaster automatically generates time sheets in Tabs3 for appointments, phone calls and online research, so you don't have to remember to record them. PracticeMaster Premier allows further integration with Worldox, HotDocs and other programs to help manage your firm to the most efficient letter of the law. PracticeMaster Premier also has the feature of entering your own CompuLaw Court Rules for quick and easy access and review. It rapidly assembles documents using client and case information and uses up-to-date court rules to automatically schedule appointments and to-do's